Wednesday, March 23, 2011

down down down.............

ooookay...  more down time.. lovely isn't it...

i've had enough and i am switching hosting company.  i'll annouce the launch of a new mirror site soon when it's ready. i am at the stage of data transfer now. it shouldn't be long.   Some images may not load until all the data transfer is all done during the day.

shipments are not affected by the website down time, so no worries girls.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

more down time

more down time , more down time .....
more down time..more down time  more down time ...... more down time .....

we about experienced all the possible reasons of how a website could have down time in the past one week.... just i thought we ran out of new ways to have loading trouble, it happened again today.

hosting company said they promise to fix it with hours. but oh well.. we'll see... hopefully it's not another forced off day... :(

Wednesday, March 16, 2011


DNS (domain name service) on the site couldn't function today due to excessive traffic to the hosting server (not particularly traffic to my site. the whole server was down. )

hosting company is fixing it. currently it's in and out for everybody.  i can load the site in most browers. but not
the other.

by all means, we should be back to normal wedesday.   no worires girls.

we are also currently configuring our site so it's accessible/functional through direct IP address .  for the future, you should be able to access my site at all times even inf the DNS was down due to traffic.  I''ll put up flyers when this service is ready.  (march 16th)

There might be more down time through out the coming week as well (or not), but all will be fine soon. no worries girls.  This is what we have to deal with when hosting through a small company. sorry for the inconvenience. (March 19th)

Thank you