Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Rachel Bilson and her 3.1 phillip lim edie bow studded shoulder bag

Rachel Bilson and her 3.1 phillip lim edie bow studded shoulder bag

find it at Fabaaa.com by clicking http://www.fabaaa.com/phillip-c-222.html
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Sunday, August 22, 2010


Dear fellow fabnisters!

Our first try on the small items group shipping deal was a success! Thank you all for your support. We are ready for another round.  Feel free to checkout with coupon code "GROUPSHIPFREE"

1. The code would work from August 23rd to August 30th, 2010 (08/23-08/30). Shipments starts on August 31st (08/31/2010). Shipping takes around 10 to 16 days. Tracking number is available upon request a few days after the package is shipped.

2. Qualified items are small items that cost $55 or less. SUNGLASSES, SCARVES, HATS, WALLETS, KEYCHAINS, BAG CHARMS....

3. Please submit separate orders for separate items. Multiple orders welcome. :) If you are ordering a bag and a small item together, this coupon code is void. You will be charged of original shipping price.

4. Order and submit payment before August 31st. Late payment / Late orders will be left out. I'll do refund or we can wait for next group deal. We dont want those who paid on time to wait around for too long. : )

Please make sure you fully understandt his deal before using the code. :)

Let me know if you have questions. service@fabaaa.com

Love you all, Joy

authentic neverfull MM has mismatch logos

Hi ladies, just FYI my authentic neverfull MM bags has mistached "flowers" on the side as well. I know you all want "perfect ones." But there is only so much we can do. SO, sit back , relax, and stop obsessing... :)

BTW, neverfull GM size's logo alignment is in general better than MM size.

love, Joy
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Monday, August 9, 2010

Ancient Chinese knew how to style.......

It's fun to know ancient chinese had styles.

This is a painting from 7th century, Tang dynasty.

The hairdo is a little on the crazy side, but hey, the purse is rocking!

Is that a T-shirt?!

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Paris Hilton's trvael collection

It's nice to be Paris Hilton (embarrasing sex tap aside), she could travel with some serious styles

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Friday, August 6, 2010

Thursday, August 5, 2010

A successful natural oxidization

It took about a year to get to this color, but it sure is beautiful.




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Different stages of natrual oxidization

see the color difference of the trim that's exposed in the air and the part that's protected by plastic wrap?



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oxidization illustration

he mini HL achieved the aged look with help from message oil.

other tested and recommend product to help the look are

saddle soap, liquid saddle soap, kiwi leather waterproof balm, olive oil, cooking veggie oil, and some of our clients even used water to change the handles' color successfully.



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