Saturday, December 22, 2012


OK, it's one of those few days that my life is a living hell when everyone else is enjoying their holiday spirit.

"Where is my package?".... That's about all the emails I get now.

1. I am really sorry if you think your package should arrived but haven't. It's probably got on a slower route and is painfully delayed. I hate to say this but we never guaranteed delivery time. EMS does not promise exact ETA. Delays happens from time to time, especially during holiday rush shipping season.

2. Delivery is guaranteed. You will most certainly get your package. That's our promise. Even if your package showed no updates for days, it's not lost. We've honestly never lost a package (Given correct shipping address was provided).

3. If your package unfortunately didn't make it for Christmas, please accept our sincere apologies. We hate to be the ones that ruin Christmas... yet we have so little control over shipping time. We wish we could've done anything differently but once a package was dropped off at shipping center, it's out of our hands completely.

4. While we are at it, "Handed over to customs" Means package is going through routine custom inspection. Every international shipment goes through that. It's normal. It does not mean your package was in trouble. Again, we guaranteed delivery to US, Canada, Australia, and Singapore.

5. Here are 3 examples of shipments with delay. 2 are from recent shipments. 1 was our longest shipping delay record. We appreciate those customers incredible patience and trust in us and we do hope everyone enjoys the product when it arrives.