Monday, February 28, 2011

New arrival delay

Hi girls... (and a couple of guys. lol),

Sorry we are not having very much new arrival listings lately. We currently have a bunch of stock photos being processed. Because of the domain name change, we have to go with a new set of watermarks and all, and it's taking a bit longer to do so.

Production at the factory is also not fully back to normal yet. But we do hope to be able to carry all the necessary new styles in March and April.

Just so you know we are working on it. :)

xo, Joy and team.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

One more time regarding shipping charge

I know nobody likes paying for high shipping, but we've been charging for honest shipping, well, lower than actual shipping since day one.

let's do the math! 

here is EMS official price list in RMB
Zone Destination of EMS First 500g Additional 500g Destination of China Express

Canada, U.S.A 180 240 75 Canada, U.S.A

current EMS contractor rate to us, 44% off. so we pay 56% of the listing price.
current USD-RMB exchange rate  1 USD = 6.59RMB

An average package is 2kg. So 240 RMB for the first 0.5KG. 75 RMB for each additional .

240 + 75 +75 +75 =465 RMB

we pay 56% of the listing price,  465 * 56% = 260.40 RMB

convert that to USD   260.40/ 6.59 = $39.5144.

our current rate charged on is $37 for an average 2kg package. considering i have to pay merchant account / credit card processing fee to process this payment , and all the other potential cost , I am really taking a loss here.

This is the post for everyone that has sent me or was about to send me angry emails regarding the "outrageous" shipping charges.   I would change this if i have a choice, but i dont.... :((

still love you all~ lol.

xo joy

Monday, February 14, 2011


officially we are selling solely through now... 

i removed valentino, marni, bottega veneta, and bally from all the listings today. Not enough good stock. 

Friday, February 11, 2011

domain problem

our domain name got into trouble today.  we are trying to take care of it.

meanwhile,  email us to if you have questions regarding existing orders.

no worries your money is safe with us. if you do not wish to fulfill the order, email us and we'll refund and cancel your order.

we do have a mirror site   it should be fully functional soon.

Back from our CYN holidays

Our Chinese new year holiday is finally over!

Thanks to everyone that placed order and chose to wait during the holidays. We are now processing all the orders.

To do list

1. Doing inventories (feb 10th)

2 Checking stock and charging orders (feb 11th - 15th)

3. Answering all the stock check/sourcing inquiries from the holidays. (Feb 12th to 20th)

4. updating tracking information for holiday orders (Feb 12th to 15th)

 Special request on orders will have to give us extra time to process.

Traditionally, stock availability is not really great this month. Apologies in advance if we have to cancel your order due to lack of stock.