Saturday, December 22, 2012


OK, it's one of those few days that my life is a living hell when everyone else is enjoying their holiday spirit.

"Where is my package?".... That's about all the emails I get now.

1. I am really sorry if you think your package should arrived but haven't. It's probably got on a slower route and is painfully delayed. I hate to say this but we never guaranteed delivery time. EMS does not promise exact ETA. Delays happens from time to time, especially during holiday rush shipping season.

2. Delivery is guaranteed. You will most certainly get your package. That's our promise. Even if your package showed no updates for days, it's not lost. We've honestly never lost a package (Given correct shipping address was provided).

3. If your package unfortunately didn't make it for Christmas, please accept our sincere apologies. We hate to be the ones that ruin Christmas... yet we have so little control over shipping time. We wish we could've done anything differently but once a package was dropped off at shipping center, it's out of our hands completely.

4. While we are at it, "Handed over to customs" Means package is going through routine custom inspection. Every international shipment goes through that. It's normal. It does not mean your package was in trouble. Again, we guaranteed delivery to US, Canada, Australia, and Singapore.

5. Here are 3 examples of shipments with delay. 2 are from recent shipments. 1 was our longest shipping delay record. We appreciate those customers incredible patience and trust in us and we do hope everyone enjoys the product when it arrives.

Monday, October 29, 2012


We promise to answer our emails within 24 hours. If you did not get our response there could be because

1, Your email address used in the site submission  has special characters , such as "-""." or _". We filters special characters in our website for safey reasons. If possible, please either email us directly at or use a different address to do site submission.

2. Our response is in your spam filter.

for kim who left us 1 star review because of no email response, see the screenshot below. :)  I answered your email every time. thank you ! --- Joy

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

chanel, are you really ....

1, I stole a bike wheel!

2, honey I Chaneled it up the hulahoop you bought me

3, Chanel brand steering wheel!


Monday, August 20, 2012

Please email us your question instead of asking them here in blog comment

There are couple of blog comments lately that has questions that required a response from us. Please email us directly at or do site submission through the "contact us" tab. we don't know who you are and we can't email you back without knowing your contact email address
Thank you !

Friday, July 13, 2012


Hi Ladies...

Emergency Announcement, Our favorite Hermes factory is Not providing stock until Mid August. Rumor has it they are relocating. For those of you who has pending shipments, please contact us if you want to cancel your order. We'll issue you refund immediately. This is an unforeseeable incident. We do apologize for the inconvenience. We only want to provide you the best quality bag which deserves our Fabaaa name. There are many other manufacturer in the market we can try but we are not going to.

We do carry a small amount of stock ourselves. So if you are thinking of ordering any Hermes bags, please double check with us ( We might still be able to ship your package immediately.

Set the record straight...

I know a lot of you read our recent review done by spotbagz. I was gonna laugh about it like before. But I owe it to my hardworking team to set the record straight for everybody. Here are comparison pictures of the bag they claimed to have bought from us, and our version of the bag.

1. Our bag has better shape. The canvas is smooth.

2 Inside pocket has different color.

3. Our version said made in spain with neat fonts.
4. Better stitching.

5. And most importly, our print does NOT fade.

And for the record, Spotbags claimed they will "try" to return, but there is no one ever contacted me regarding returns. They also have removed/rejected all the positive comments from real fabaaa shoppers. Like they always do. It was quite a show they put on there.

I'm never a fan of dramas. It's so high school. I was very understanding previously and has been nothing but friendly to them. As a fellow rep seller, I know what they have to go through everyday and I have tremendous amount of respect for all the work they put in their pv site. But just stop the lies already! Enough is enough. You should win customer over with good product and good service, not by trash talking your competitors.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

da vinci 's handbag design

I came across this news story about Da Vinci's handbag design from more than 500 years ago. Some handbag manufacturer in Italy had it made. I think it looks amazing and just want to share it with all the bag lovers out there. :) It's a true classic!

Happy Chinese New Year Everybody!