Saturday, December 30, 2017

Pochette Kirigami Set- Louis Vuitton

Thursday, September 21, 2017

authentic Louis Vuitton monogram canvas neverfull mm do not always have perfect logo alignment

Hi ladies,

Just want to bring it to your attention that logo alignment on authentic louis vuitton neverfull bags are not always perfect. In fact I feel I have seen more misaligned logo on authentic than perfect aligned ones.

We will do strict quality control before shipping on the logo alignment. but sometimes there is only so much we can do.

Louis Vuitton Emilie Wallet | Rep |

Friday, September 15, 2017

Thought of the day-- joy

I came accross this product review from a customer today. Just feel I should share my response to everyone.

----"I received my favorite mm in monogram, yesterday. The canvas looks, and feels like the real thing. I am 5'1, the strap fits me perfectly. The bag rests kinda on my hip, and maybe a little lower on the hip. Some of the vachetta on the bag was a little dirty, I used a white pencil eraser to rub it off. Overall, I'm not bothered by it being a little dirty. After all it is a replica, a fairly good one at that. It's very passable for the real thing. I highly recommend this bag. Service was good. Joy always answered my questions, maybe not right away, sometimes, but she always replies back. I've read some bad reviews about her on other forums about her not responding fast enough. My take on that; You have to wonder if people are being rude towards her?  She is only human and working with the public isn't a walk through the park. People have unrealistic expectations when it comes to replicas. Seriously people, it's a replica. "

----- Thank you so much for understanding. hm... i do try to answer everyone's email within 24 hours. and it's true i became occasionally unresponsive.  there are a few possibilities when that happens.

1. browser crashed. i open a lot of email tabs all at once and occasionally it crashed and i couldn't trace back to where i was. it only happened a few times this year. but it did happen.

2. spam. i receive a lot of spam emails every day and sometimes the good email went there too. i dont always remember to check spam. I should've.

3.some emails are about stock check, or other questions that i dont immediately have answers. and along the way i might've lost track of it.  (factory does not always respond immediately.)

4. Customers who are more harsh towards me than i could mentally handle. i have a bit of conflict avoidance issue and i should really work on that. I feel i have always tried to be fair to everyone. if i am at fault i always do my best to own up to it. and i am proud of all the work i've put out there in terms of how i handled complaints and return requests. international shopping isn't the easiest and i understand some customers may not feel happy with my solutions.  overall my goal is to get back to everyone as fast as i could, and as professional as i could. but i am only human and i apologize for my inability to deliver sometimes.

overall, i would strongly recommend everyone to actually read the store policy i listed at checkout. and amke sure you understand and agree to it before paying for your items. it will really help me.

I appreciate everyone that trusted me with your hard earn money and gave me the benefit of the doubt when things didn't go perfectly. I will continue to be me and try my hardest to bring good shopping experience to you all.


Tuesday, August 1, 2017

My contact info

Hi everyone,

Email me at for the latest site info. I am currently not able to do live chat through wechat or facebook. email is the best way to reach me.

love, joy
august, 2017

Monday, May 1, 2017

Replica Handbag From Joy & Cindy - Review

i dont know to whom i should thank for this review. But please contact me if you see this.  thank you

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

the latest louis vuitton recommendation list...

        M60092 M56174 M56175 M60895 M60930 M62360 M62361 M61734 M61823 M62631 M60706 M62633 M66540 M66567 M60181 M41939 M41938 M60042 M60531 M62630 M61471 M60742 M60748 M58413 M58415 M58417 M61446 M60708  M60712. M60990 M60140 M61279 M61298 M61287 M61448 M60697 M61289 M61506 M61835 M61836 M61696 M61695 M61697 M61698 M61694 M60253 M62367 M62368 M61273 M41943 M60402 M62203 M62155 M62202 M61702 M60660 M40565 M40567 M40510 M40511 M40569 M40527 M44000 M44001 N41413. N41533. N41581. N47623. N42704. N51105. N51106. N51107. N51108. N51192. N55213. N41418. N41428. N58028. N58029. N55214. N41673. N41675. N41M674. N41213. N48252. N41357. N41358     N41360. N41409. N41124. N53151. N41221. N53000. N41174. N41173. N41175. N41211. N41564. N4102. N41500. N41366. N41367. N41368. N41373. N41372. N41374. N41183. N41183. N41260. N41272. N41578. N41274钢. N41275钢. N41277钢. N41605. N41478. N41663.
        N41664     N41696. N63298. N63106. N41108. N41719. N63547. N63208. N60017. N60018. N60019. N60895. N61720. N61734.. N62663. N62665. N6001. N60003. N63546. N61823. N63077. M94671 N63079. N63095. N63022. N63214. N62630. N63010. N63124. N61210. N61221. N41503. N61277. N41625. N61264. N61064. N63544. N63127. N41659. M42230 M93217 M93747 M60277 M60278 M32625 M32702 M30238 M32505 M32500 M32509 M51519 M51518 M50071 M40903 M40755 M40764 M42399 M42397 M42395

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Fabaaa Damier Canvas Emillie wallet review

Louis Vuiton Damier Canvas Emillie wallet review

thank you Divina beauty! 

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Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Pochette Metis Louis Vuitton Replica- customer review

Here is a review from our customer about the pochette metis bag in Monogram .
If you want me to share your video to everyone, please send me the youtube link :)