Thursday, December 2, 2010

Few issues

There are couple of technical issues with this week.  We had a major server update earlier and that kinda created a bit problems.

1. Our email might have been marked as spam by some mail carriers because the DNS/IP setting change. So if you did not receive order confirmation/update, please check your spam filter, or login your Fabaaa account to see latest status. We are trying to fix it so you can still receive our mail normally.

2. If you are not able to log in your Fabaaa account, even though you believed you entered the right EMAIL/PASSWORD , dont panic, it's happening to some newer registered account and our webmaster is working on it. New password request is functional. But if you didn't receive the email with the new password, check your spam.

3. We still ship packages everyday on time, but tracking update may take extra couple of days. We are behind on paper work. So if you don't get a tracking number right away,  wait a little. We'll get to you.

Thank you all for your support. FABAAA truly appreciate everyone that gave us your business!


  1. We understand Fabaaa :)Love your site..

  2. yup...i luv u and cindy commitment....:0

  3. The reason I voted I like it ,Is because I know its not in your control,also your honesty and service is wonderful.Thanks joy