Tuesday, February 15, 2011

One more time regarding shipping charge

I know nobody likes paying for high shipping, but we've been charging for honest shipping, well, lower than actual shipping since day one.

let's do the math! 

here is EMS official price list in RMB  http://www.ems.com.cn/serviceguide/e-zi-fei-biao-zhun.html
Zone Destination of EMS First 500g Additional 500g Destination of China Express

Canada, U.S.A 180 240 75 Canada, U.S.A

current EMS contractor rate to us, 44% off. so we pay 56% of the listing price.
current USD-RMB exchange rate  1 USD = 6.59RMB

An average package is 2kg. So 240 RMB for the first 0.5KG. 75 RMB for each additional .

240 + 75 +75 +75 =465 RMB

we pay 56% of the listing price,  465 * 56% = 260.40 RMB

convert that to USD   260.40/ 6.59 = $39.5144.

our current rate charged on fabulousaaa.com is $37 for an average 2kg package. considering i have to pay merchant account / credit card processing fee to process this payment , and all the other potential cost , I am really taking a loss here.

This is the post for everyone that has sent me or was about to send me angry emails regarding the "outrageous" shipping charges.   I would change this if i have a choice, but i dont.... :((

still love you all~ lol.

xo joy


  1. Well joy wit are so happy you back on business an we expect for the big sale on fabulousaa :-))))<3

  2. Yes I'm happy to hear from you guys and expecting something new, like big sale:))

  3. Glad you're back. Just out of curiosity, will the bags that are out of stock ever be in stock again? I've been eying the LV damier azur neverfull pm and Gucci Boston white/silver bag for a while ;)

    PS - I don't mind the shipping charges :P

  4. azur neverfull pm and mm will definitely be back to stock.

    most GUCCIs and other brands probably wont. :(

    Thank you !

  5. Personally I find the postage charges FINE! When I used to buy from ioffer, I was paying the same amount or more for EMS. Also the prices on Fabaaa are great, I just miss the guy who does the videos! He is cool, and I love seeing the bag "in real life".

  6. You know the shipping here really does not bother me,Nor do I think its high either.If you compare it to other sites its very balanced if not better.Some sites offer free shipping but their bags are enginered cheap and the prices for bags + shipping are still a bit more higher then here.I would rather have a better quality bag at a reasonable shipping rate.But overall ,I admire Fabaaa's honesty !!Love you guys!! :)

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  8. Sorry it is early for me and I had to read the post a few times before it sunk in. I have to say for an average sized bag, shipping at around 40 bucks to the US is extremely reasonable. I have been hunting around the internet for a reputable seller of replica handbags and not only is it hard to find a seller who has a great sales history and smoothly run site- but QUALITY items too. Honestly if you order a 50 dollar bag from one site with free shipping and it falls apart in 2 months you have to turn around and buy another. Why not just pay a tad more for shipping and get a great, quality bag from someone who's trustworthy?

    1. Because your shipping is outrageous! Nobody is going to pay that!!!

  9. These shipping costs are outrageous!!! I want to purchase a LV bag and that is the only thing stopping me from doing it! Not happy at all!!!! :(