Wednesday, March 23, 2011

down down down.............

ooookay...  more down time.. lovely isn't it...

i've had enough and i am switching hosting company.  i'll annouce the launch of a new mirror site soon when it's ready. i am at the stage of data transfer now. it shouldn't be long.   Some images may not load until all the data transfer is all done during the day.

shipments are not affected by the website down time, so no worries girls.


  1. Trying to find you. Where is your site now? Need to purchase several bags.

  2. Hi baglover, her website is

  3. Hi Joy, please take your time. Im sure your buyers will understand. :)

  4. Lol, your awsome Joy !! You always make the of it .I know if you had the power to change it for the better for us you would .I guess we all have to be patient."What can you do? Your trying and thats what counts! love ya!! :}

  5. Thanks girls!! i feel good about the switch. the site seems to load faster and so far no more down time. lol. if you see any dead links or unshowing images, let me know, we'll fix that... love you all!! cant thank you guys enough!