Tuesday, April 26, 2011

long spring

rainy day.... not feeling particularly awesome.
it's such a long cool spring, it feels like summer would never come.

i am going to cancel my mailing list subscription soon. email ads feel like solicitation. i hate that.  if you want to see new arrival alert, and receive current coupons, please add me on facebook.   fabaaa@gmail.com

before i go, i just want to share those ingenious shoes....... lady gaga has a pair that's samiliar to the second one. i guess those are gaga approved!


  1. Hi are there any coupons? thank you

  2. I'm not a lady Gaga fan at all. I think that women has issuses. I don't think I will be caught wearing those shoes if someone paid me to. :)

  3. those shoes are just wayyy too euwww! :p